Save On Shipping

For pallet size orders we quote shipping 3 ways to more to make certain we are saving you money.

We work hard to save you money!

Most companies have flat rate fees for shipping. So you pay the same cost to ship in the same state as halfway across the country. We work with a network of carriers to find the lowest shipping costs for our clients. 

Then we make sure to pass those savings along to you. It is how we have built a business that offers the convenience of shipping to your home or business at the lowest cost.
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Our LumberJack BBQ Pellets come in both 20, and 40 pound bags.

Full-ton Pricing

Lumber Jack BBQ pellets are available in 40 pound and 20-pound bags.

Can not order a 1/2 ton or more?
Check for a group buy with others in your area.

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