The top 7 BBQ Pellet Grills available now! is more than just a place to purchase your BBQ Pellets from. We are a top industry leader and avid fans of BBQ. Our own staff includes backyard chefs whom have written multiple books on the topic. So, we want to help people who are interested in BBQ Pellet Grills find their new backyard pal.

Benefits of BBQ Pellet Grills

Pellet Grills cook with wood, and even special wood varieties as the source of both fuel and smoke which adds flavor.

They provide more control over temperature.

Are ideal for long term slow cooking, but still work well for fast cooks too.

Changing the flavors your grill can produce is as easy as changing the wood pellets in your hopper.

Choosing a Top Brand could be done in many ways for the purpose of this post we have gone by both sales, reviews from those whom have purchased the grills, and the opinions of grillers like you. That being said, we do not currently sell grills or actively endorse any major brand at this time.

These grills are not presented in any order of consequence. These are just the 7 models we are sharing with our visitors and customers.

Traeger Grills

Traeger Grills are a popular brand in part because of their very effective TV sales campaigns and advertising. Odds are if you watched golf, or major sports in the last decade you have seen their ads more than a few times.

Traeger offers many grill models most with a similar look and feel. One of their top of their line grills retails at over $1,200 with tax and offers standard features like Wi-Fi control, a powder coated steel material make up, and a 46’ width.

The unit holds up to 20lbs of pellet in its pellet hopper, which does allow for long slow cook grills without the need to add to your pellets.

It has a standard temperature range of 165-500.
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Cook Shack Grills

The Cook Shack is a higher tier model of pellet grill. Their pricing reflects their position as well. Retail price on their PG1000 model is nearly $3,000.

For that sticker price you get a nicely sized 32-inch grill with design notes like 4 established heating areas. You also get a grill that is built out of 201 grade stainless steel and double wall construction.

The pellet hopper can hold an astounding 25lbs.

This unit is sturdy with a capital S. It weighs in at over 400lbs and is built to last. It reminds me of buying an American-made car in the 1960s all metal construction no imitations here. I think of it like a Caprice Classic or a Cadillac for its sheer weight and solid construction.

Memphis Grills

In price this is yet another step up from the Cook Shack Grills. With a comparable model coming in at almost $3,900. It is a 28-inch grill that is built from 304 stainless steel.

It has an 18lb pellet hopper and stainless-steel cooking rods as well standard. Though with the design and steel it weighs in at about 165lbs.

It too has Wi-Fi and temp control that ranges from 165 to 650 so it is a grill that will take the heat.
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Louisiana Grills

This grill brand has models like the Estate Series that boasts 304 stainless steel construction. They offer models for sale at major retailers like Lowes, Ace Hardware, and have prices that start under a $1,000 with the estate series 86BI I looked at for this article coming in at almost $1,900.

The pellet hopper holds up to 28 pounds
Temperature ranges from 165 to 600

Recteq Grills

This grill brand has an active loyal following. Their purchasers seem drawn to the brand and even pick up their models sometime to include a factory tour like they are picking up a corvette. A popular model of theirs that is talked about in their online group is the RT700. It has a retail price of under $1,200 and it comes with free shipping.

Temperature control in 5 degree increments from 200 to 500 is offered with this model.

They also provide 304 stainless construction with this model. They also boast an igniter that has been tested for over 100,000 ignitions without fail.

The RT 700 has a 40lb hopper so if you have a pellet you love to cook with you would not have to change it out for a long time.

This unit also offers Wi-Fi controls.

Camp Cheff

Their model Wi-Fi 24 comes in at $1,000 and offers some nice standard features. As the name implies, this includes Wi-Fi as a standard feature. I was not able to find the form of metal they use on their website or retailer’s websites. They do say the unit weighs 150 pounds.

Hopper Capacity 22lbs,

Temperature control 160-500

They also have designed pellet hopper and ash clean out features that many customers seem to enjoy.
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Green Mountain Grills

Green Mountain Offers more affordable grills than some other brands. They even have entry level models for just over $300. A comparable model to the list we have looked at seems to be their prime models.

These are designed more for a permanent location than their entry level portable grills. Mostly due to the thicker and stronger legs on the stand-up grill model not meant for travel use.

The Ledge Prime Plus Wi-Fi Black retails at about $800.

It has a 12-14 gauge steel elements based on the location of the element in the design.

It weighs in at 182lbs

Has a hopper capacity of 18lbs


Scale enjoy Yes, the company that might have sold you your first charcoal grill also makes pellet grills. Their closest model to the range we are looking at is their SmokeFire EX6. Retails for almost $1,200 and offer these features as a part of the unit.

200-600 degree temperature settings
Wi-Fi enabled
20lb wood pellet hopper

All of these grills have certain things in common. Many offer their own branded pellets. Some of higher quality than others. A few only add artificial smoke chemicals to add a certain flavor like apple to a wood pellet.

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