How Pellet Grills Work

In the image, you can see the major parts of most pellet grills. Almost all brands offer the same elements for their grills. Just like cars, the difference is in the quality of the parts, their design, and manufacture.
They key parts of your BBQ Pellet Grill
The fuel hopper. 

This is where your wood pellets go. We have labeled this all-natural wood pellets so you remember the importance of using natural wood pellets. Since these pellets not only heat your grill and food, they also provide the smoke for your meat and vegetables.
Auger Motor.

The auger motor feeds the fuel or wood pellets into your grill for burning. The better quality the auger, auger motor, and temperature measurement system the better the results.

Combustion Fan.

Your BBQ Pellet Grill combustion fan can be a cheap on an off fan, or preferably a fan that along with the auger motor and auger helps to regulate the temperature and speed of your cook. The fan can also influence the amount of smoke created by the grill.

The auger is the rotating screw that feeds the wood pellets into the igniter and combustion chamber. The larger the auger, and the faster the speed the higher volume of pellets enter the grill combustion area.

Your igniter makes the magic happen and the pellets combust. The better quality of this part of your grill directly affects the longevity of your grill before repair or replacement. It also affects your experience every time you go to use your grill.