Lumberjack Pellets is proud to be the number one online seller of Lumberjack Pellets online. The lumberjack pellet line has been our number one pellet brand since day one. For over a decade we have worked together to make our customers happy.

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Our special part in this online relationship of two brands working together is to find the very best shipping prices on bulk orders for our customers. In fact, when you choose to get a bulk quote from you can expect that we will quote your shipping through several available carriers, and with several options trying to save you money.

We also set up group buys for people who do not need a full pallet of pellets but still want to save on local delivery. This works by ordering in bulk with several other buyers in your area. Many buyers start with a group to buy their first season using their new pellet grills. Then, once they fall in love with their new pellet grill and start cooking more, they order their own pallet of pellets and have them shipped to their home.

As the number one online seller, we also work with many restaurants. Our bulk orders are used by restaurants to get their larger quantities shipped direct to their restaurants. We are proud to supply many national restaurant chains. Lumberjack pellets are such a dependable, stable brand professional cooks depend on them for their BBQ. Odds are your local restaurant uses our pellets and require them for their recipes. The varieties that are available from Lumberjack are real wood varieties unlike other brands that use artificial oils to provide the flavor. Lumberjack Pellets flavor comes from the natural wood. They use whole logs from sustainably grown trees for their pellets.

Lumberjack Varieties

Pecan Blend

60% Red Oak and 40% Pecan
This blend is a favorite of cooks with real southern smoke flavor which tastes amazing with poultry and ribs.
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Supreme Blend

1/3 Oak, 1/3 Hickory, 1/3 Cherry
The lumberjack supreme blend is a favorite for smoke and steady heat for cooking.
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Mesquite Blend

60% Oak, 40% Mesquite
This top selling blend is very popular with southwest cooks for its spicy strong flavor profile.
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Fruitwood Blend

80% Cherry, 20% Apple
The fruitwood blend is a top seller for those who love cooking with a milder fruiting kiss of smoke. Great for poultry and fish, as well as a nice hint of smoke flavor that is good for new smoked meat eaters. Many also love the taste when cooking vegetables.
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Hickory Blend

60% Red Oak, 40% Hickory
The hickory blend is loved by its fans for steaks, pork cooks, and game meats of all kinds.
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MHC Competition Blend

1/3 Maple, 1/3 Hickory, 1/3 Cherry
As the name implies, this blend is our most popular blend for competitive cooks, restaurants, and backyard BBQ champions alike. It offers an even strong smoke that has smoke notes that are balanced taste for all grill prepared foods.
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100% Oak Pellets

Just as the name implies, this is oak

Oak is thought of as a consistent heat source for cooking Pizza, burgers, and even baking.
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Apple Blend

60% Red Oak, 40% Apple
This blend offers a mild fruit flavor that is popular when smoking cheese, and is preferred by slow cooked pork buts, and shoulders.
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100% Cherry

Cherry wood pure and simple
Cherry offers a deep rose color to all meats and a mild and fruiting smoke.
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Sample Bags

Lumberjack Pellet Sample Bags

Want a sample bag of many of our Lumberjack Pellet Varieties?

You can get your own sample bags here.

Individual Bags

If you want to purchase individual bags we have you covered.

Individual Bag Sales

We understand not everyone is ready for a bulk order and we are happy to ship individual bags as well.
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Additional Pellet Brands

We carry Lumberjack Pellets and are proud to.
We also carry our own in-house brands to include the BBQPelletOnline Brand and Diamond M.

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2020 was a challenging year for us all. In order to meet the increased demand and supply chain issues we provided our own in-house brands.

They now have dedicated fans and we continue to offer these brands on our BBQ Pellets page bellow the Lumberjack listings.
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