Bulk or Pallet Sized Orders

Large bulk sized orders are our specialty. As the number one online provider of LumberJack and Diamond M BBQ Pellets we ship hundreds of pallets every month.

What makes BBQ Pellets Online Unique

We take the time and effort other companies don't to save you money. Most companies just take your order and ship out your order through the same shipping company, and method every time.

When you do not specialize in this that idea makes sense right? 

It takes less effort for the company shipping the item. But the secret is just like a plane ticket if you look you can often find better shipping rates. We invest the time and we have the experience to find the best shipping rates in the country.

If you are shipping large pallets that can mean $100 savings or more depending on many factors.

We pack each shipment with care and expertise.

Packing makes a difference. The better packed your shipment the better your pellets will be when you receive them. Precision packing on pallets matters.

We take the time and effort to make certain you get your order in the best condition possible.

You can also save more money

When you order do not forget our pallet riders program. This is where we can add many useful BBQ tools on to your pallets so they enjoy a cost free ride along for shipping.

You get the items you want, and save the cost of shipping. This program has allowed thousands of customers to save hundreds of dollars on shipping with their regular orders. So do not forget about this powerful option.
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Pallet Shipping Options

In many areas of the country we use several shipping companies and have them bid against each other for the shipment of your order.
Pallet Size Orders

All orders start the same but shipping makes all the difference

Let's face it all pallet orders start with the same kind of empty pallet. What makes a difference is the cost of shipping. Your cost per bag on your pallet is determined in large part by the shipping cost.

Other companies do not care enough to do the hard work to try and save you money in this area of your purchase.

We ship to restaurants, homes, retailers and more. Another option is to pick up your order from a local shipping terminal.

Our staff works hard so you don't have to.

Most of us work hard for our money. We save and scrape for the things we want. 

At BBQ Pellets Online we work hard to save you money on the cost of shipping. Our owner has even set up a Group Buy Program for customers that want to save money, but are not ready to purchase a full pallet.

We help you order with others from your area and together you save money on shipping.
Pallet Shipping Methods

Happy Customers

Our focus is on the customer experience. At BBQ Pellets Online you matter, and we care. That is why we work so hard to save you money on shipping and we only carry the best BBQ Pellet Brands. When you buy from us you know you are getting the best BBQ Pellets for less.
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