The Smokin Wedgie

Funny Name for an Amazing Product

Smokin Wedgie

Need more smoke flavor? You can add more smoke with the Smokin Wedgie. Simply add your favorite wood pellets and wedge it neatly into the corner of your grill out of the way. Still plenty of room for grilling.
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Smokin Wedgie

3 Steps
To Smoke 

The Smokin Wedgie allows you to add the flavor or smoke you want to any grill. I have used my Smoking Wedgie as a guest cook on family members grills. The added smoke flavor has positioned me as the legendary griller in the family. When I added Duckfat Spray I took the title of best BBQer or griller they all know.
Lighting Your Smokin Wedgie


Load your Wedgie with your favorite wood pellets.


Light your Smoking Wedgie here we are lighting ours with a tourch.


Close your grill and let the smoke do the work. Your flavors are increased with your chosen wood smoke.

Customer Videos

These are real videos from our customers from YouTube

Scott Gregg

This video comes from Scott Gregg

Rick Greenaway's 
Compares A Smokin Wedgie to a Smoke Tube

This is Rick Greenaway's independent take on his experiences with these 2 pellet smoker devices.

Chris Henry

Chris made this video for his friend to show him how easy it is to use the Smokin Wedgie. People liked his work and as of today the video has had over 1,700 views.
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