If you have a wood pellet grill we have the pellets for you.

Want to know a secret?

Some major grill manufacturers make more money selling their pellets than they do their grills. Yes, even the very expensive grills, you know the names, and likely have sat through an infomercial or two. The real secret is you do not have to use their brand of wood pellets for your BBQ pellet grill. No, in-fact you will love our LumberJack pellets. They are whole log sourced and are the actually wood variety you see on the label. Other brands just sell you wood pellets and add oils to impart the intended flavor. This is like adding chocolate flavor instead of getting really Hersey chocolate. It is never the same, and the flavor that is produced is a chemical concoction, not a natural process. When LumberJack says Apple or Cherry they mean the whole Cherry Tree goes in and the amazing Cherry Pellets come out. With every variety of wood pellets we carry you can smell, and more important taste the real difference.

So if you want the World's Best Wood Pellets for your grill stop searching we have them here by the bag or the pallet load. We can even help you set up a group buy with other customers if you want many bags but maybe not a full ton. You save on shipping and help others near you save too. The ultimate BBQ win-win.

We have thousands upon thousands of satisfied customers. We have heard specific positive feedback about Lumber Jack pellet use in virtually all smokers/grill such as  Traeger, Green Mountain Grill (GMG), RecTec, Pellet Pro, Louisiana Grills, Memphis Grills, Cookshack, Fast Eddie, Black Olive, and more.


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