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These are 100% Oak, no additives or blending here. These are manufactured for us by our Amish manufacturer. The hot and strong smokey flavor when barbecuing with Oak compliments Chicken and Fish very well.
The benefits of Oak Wood for Smoking Meat.

Oak is a hardwood that imparts some great flavor from its smoke to meat. As varieties of wood go, it is thought to have a mid-range flavor profile that is not only perfect for pork but also works very good for poultry and beef too. Another benefit of using oak is that it adds a nice deep hue of brown as it smokes. This mahogany color is preferred by most people who are not regular consumers of smokes meats because it is visually appealing.

You can also pair oak with other woods and create your own ideal smoke mix, and that is not always a safe move with other woods.

Our Oak Pellets are naturally sourced and made without any oil additives. When you purchase from us you know that the brands you purchase meet our high standards for smoke, flavor, and safety.

Size Does Matter

Pellet size can be an issue with other brands as well, and we make certain that the brands we carry will work well on all major brands of pellet grills.

This would be a good choice in creating your own blend.

100% Hardwood with no oils, sprays, binders or artificial ingredients!

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