**ALL Pickup at Terminal Group Buys**

Please note that ALL participants must meet at the same time on a weekday during regular business hours to breakdown the pallet and distribute their share of pellets.

**If you are unable to meet AT THE SAME TIME as the other participants during regular business hours, we may not be able to accomodate your request for a Group Buy purchase.**


Pallet Building and Shipment Preparedness Timeline Estimate - Spring 2022

At this time, the factory is estimating a 3 - 4 week or so timeline for the building of any new pallets and preparing them for shipment.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Group Buy Procedural Updates and COVID-19 Response 

After careful consideration has decided to continue to provide our Group Buy service to our customers beginning immediately, with some changes to our procedural protocol.

Please continue reading for additional information and please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns you may have

With the unpredictability of the current global COVID-19 situation, we have made the following adjustments to our services as outlined below.

A.  In each Group Buy, at least ONE participant must be willing to pick up another participant's portion of the pellets should there be a last-minute travel/medical emergency.
Unfortunately, the shipping terminal will not allow partial pallet pickups and with the rapid rate of infection we would need to have a designated person in place that could in an emergency pick up and store the pellets.

B.  Every person who wishes to participate in a Group Buy would need to remain vigilant and hyper aware of any and all current or upcoming travel restrictions for your area and notify of any changes immediately. Travel restrictions in some locations include traveling outside of your designated home/work county.  Please confirm the individual restrictions for your area.

BBQ Pellets are classified as Cooking Fuel and may be an acceptable reason to travel outside of your county.  This would vary by location so please confirm the restrictions and exclusions in your particular area.

C.  Every participant would also need to confirm that they will have access to the pre-determined terminal/pickup location should there be a Shelter In Place issued for your area and you are unable to leave your particular county.

We will provide the address for each terminal/pickup location when we send you the information for the Group Buy.  We would ask that you please confirm that the terminal is within your travel area PRIOR to joining a buy.

D.  As an additional measure we will now be re-confirming with each individual participant just prior to the factory preparing your pallet for shipment.
This extra step may cause a 24 - 48 hour delay in the shipment of your pallet, but it is critical that we do this with the ever changing environment around our country.

E.  For all Terminal Pick Up Group Buy, please follow the CDC's guidelines for social distancing including maintaining a safe distance and avoiding physical contact with one another.In conclusion, we would ask that you understand that this is a cooperative effort between and several participants.  The sudden changes to travel and delivery are challenging for all of us and we may have participants that will have to drop out at the last minute or make changes to pick up days or times.  We ask that you please keep this in mind and keep the lines of communication about these changes open.

Again, should you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us


Group Buy (GB) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To answer Group Buy questions for Lumber Jack BBQ Pellets

What is a Group Buy (GB)

A GB is when combines customer orders into a larger order to take advantage of bulk pellet discounts and lower shipping costs. This lowers the per-bag price for everyone.

Where are GBs Delivered

GBs are delivered to customer sites or to hundreds of shipping terminals around the country. We try to find a place to minimize shipping costs that are central to all participants. If delivered to a Shipping Terminal, participants must meet together, during weekday daytime hours. Specific availability times will be provided.

How long can I expect the GB process to take from Inquiry to Delivery

A successful GB process can take anywhere from 1 week to 2 months to complete barring unforeseen shipping delays.

How do I start a GB or Participate in an Existing Group Buy

GBs usually start with one person looking to split an order with others in their area to save money. searches for others to participate using our existing customer/potential customer list and social media. If you would like to start a new Group Buy or participate in an existing Group Buy, fill out the Group Buy Request form fill out the GB form here.

How many bags can I order in a group buy?

A minimum of a 1/4-ton is required to participate in a group buy. A 1/4-ton is 13 40# / 26 20# bags or a combination for a total of 520#. Participants can purchase any quantity (e.g., 700 pounds, 1000 pounds, etc.) if there is room on the pallet. Max load is 1.2-tons or 2400#.

What Pellets can I order/How do I select pellet varieties?

Participants can mix and match different varieties for their portion. Selections can be submitted via our pellet selection form online or we can accept your selection via email or phone. However the selection is captured, it is important that you review your invoice for accuracy. Whatever is on your invoice is what will be delivered.

Everyone’s Paid Up.. How long does it take to get my order?

The Lumber Jack factory has extended their estimated timeline to 3 - 4 weeks or so as of March 2022.

This could be quicker, but better to not over-promise. When shipped, we do provide tracking information to participants to help with planning order pickup.

Who Coordinates Pickup

After payment, we share all participants’ contact information and order details. All participants will communicate with each other to coordinate a pickup time. We will confirm delivery dates and relay that information to the group. We can facilitate, but often participants work out specific times/days. Please cc us on all pickup coordination emails.

How do I pick up my pellets?

During a terminal pick up, all participants must meet at the same time on a weekday during regular business hours to pick up the pellets. Please arrive with a photo ID and have your tracking number handy. Each participant loads their own order into their vehicle.

Would I pick up my portion from another group buy member?

In a group buy, all members pick up their portion from the terminal at the same time. The buy has one contact individual but the responsibility for pickup of the order does not fall on that participant. Each buy participant is responsible for their own portion of the order unless they have made arrangements with another participant.

Can I have an individual not involved in the buy pickup my order?

Sure, however you MUST contact us prior to pallet delivery at the terminal and supply us with their name. Any individual not listed on the order will not be allowed access to the terminal for pickup.

The order shows delivered on shipper’s website, can I pick it up?

No, not until we confirm delivery and that the shipper has moved the order to the dock and it is available for pickup.

How long do we have to pick up an order from a Shipping Terminal?

Once we confirm delivery and availability, orders should generally be picked up within 2 days.

When are terminals open for pickup?

Shipping terminals are only open weekdays and “will call” hours are typically between 10 am to 4 pm. However, a small number of terminals have limited hours. We will advise participants if there are limited operating hours.

Why was my group buy closed?

Unfortunately, there are times when our very best efforts are unable to locate enough participants to fill a group buy. In these cases, the group buy is closed. We will revisit the group buy in the future and will send you an email to confirm your continued interest.

What if there is a mixup of pellets and either I am shorted bag(s) or receive incorrect bag(s)?
The expectation is the variety of a paid customer invoice is what should be delivered to the customer. While uncommon, if there is a confirmed mixup of pellets from the warehouse, will refund the cost of the bags plus the proportion of shipping.

While would like to provide all pellets to customers. the cost of shipping replacement bags is often quite a bit more than the cost of the pellets.

Great News!

We also have a variety of add-on accessories available that can be included in your pellet order for no additional shipping costs such as the Smokin' Wedgie, Handy Camel, cans of Duck Fat, and BBQ Themed Bottle Openers. Check them all out on our website here.

You can see our full list of BBQ Accessories here on our website. *Unless noted above all of these products are available at a discounted price but would ship separately from your Group Buy pellets and there would be shipping charges associated.


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