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These are 100% Apple, no additives or blending here. These are manufactured for us by our Amish manufacturer.

These whole tree Apple wood pellets have great flavor. No oils, sprays, fillers, binders or artificial ingredients!

Our 100% apple wood Pellets are one of a kind now. Few companies carry real apple wood pellets. Most carry hardwood pellets that are sprayed with artificial oils.

That process never tastes as good and just does not provide the flavor advertised.

These great pellets are sourced naturally, processed without added oils, and give your food that great flavor profile only genuine apple wood can.

Apple wood pellets are great for poultry of all kinds, pork, chicken, and veggies. Many who cook pork with apple cider vinegar swear that apple wood provides that deep apple flavor they are working for.

Size Does Matter

Pellet size can be an issue with other brands as well, and we make certain that the brands we carry will work well on all major brands of pellet grills.

100% Hardwood with no oils, sprays, binders or artificial ingredients!

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