Pellets weight alot, so shipping can be a significant part of the total costs. However, there are a number of strategies to reduce those shipping costs.

Residential vs. Commercial Delivery

Many shipping companies charge more simply because the delivery is to a residence. If you can find a friend, relative, neighbor, employer that has access to a commercial location, it can shave a few dollars off the delivery costs.

Liftgate Delivery (no Loading Dock or Forklift)

If you don't have access to a Loading Dock or Forklift, the pellets will need to be delivered using a truck outfitted with a Liftgate . A Liftgate allows the pallet of pellets to be lowered to the ground. Unfortunately, shippers often charge more to send a Liftgate truck to delivery pallets.

Most shippers travel with a pallet jack, which allows the pallet to be moved over paved surfaces into sheds or garages.

Loading Dock or Forklift

Shippers give their best rates to Commercial locations with a Loading Dock or Forklift. They love to back up their giant trucks to a loading dock or have a Forklift pluck the pallet right off the back of the truck. It not only reduces the amount of time to drop off the shipment, but also they don't have to send a truck with a Liftgate.

If you can find a friend, relative, neighbor, or employer that has access to a Loading Dock or Forklift, it can shave a huge amount off the delivery costs.

Pickup at Local Delivery Depot

If you don't havee access to a Loading Dock or Forklift and you are in a Residential area, this is the best option. The shipping prices are similar to the Loading Dock/Forklift price, but require you to pickup the entire order at once. Those working at the Local Delivery Depot are often very nice and helpful. On most all occassions, they can load an entire pallet onto the back of a pickup truck. If you don't have a pickup truck, you can break down the pallet and load it into your vehicle. Can't fit the entire pallet in your car, we've had 3 people take their cars to pickup an order.

Checkout the list of Terminals for Pickup here.

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