There are two main ways that BBQ Pellets are made, from either whole trees or leftover residuals from other products, such as flooring or furniture. This short article will inform you about the two ways wood pellets are made and why it matters.

When BBQ pellets are made with whole logs, you get a small percentage of bark in the final product. This adds to the flavor complexity of the smoke coming off the pellets. It is more reminiscent of the original BBQ when people cooked using chunks split wood. Lumberjack pellets are made from whole logs and customers really appreciate the flavor when cooking on Lumberjack pellets. Note: this is very important when it comes to any flavor variety of wood. Cherry, Apple, Maple, even Hickory would impact much less flavor and smoke without being sourced from whole logs.

Most other brands of grilling pellets are not made from whole trees, but rather from the residuals from kiln-dried sawdust. This could be cherry from a cabinet maker or hickory from a flooring manufacturer. They make a great pellet, as they burn well, but the smoke from this residual sawdust does not possess the same flavor consumers get from a whole log pellet. Some brands get sneaky and they add oils to their wood pellets. The oils provide little flavor in a pellet grill because of the intense heat of a wood pellet grill the oils are gone in seconds. You open a bag of the pellets and smell a strong odor of the oil, the downside is though that you will not taste it in your meat or meal. It will be burnt away before it can lock into your meat.

Since the whole log pellets are ground up and mixed you get the bark, outer layers of wood and it is natural. They also burn with more smoke for the entire cook and produce intense flavors you and your family will love. Imagine a smoke ring in the meat that you can taste the Cherry or the Maple in. That is the ultimate! You see with whole log pellets you get more than just the best pellets you actually get Nature Improved. I say Nature Improved because they burn better, produce more smoke, and provide consistent cooking temps easier than any logs ever can.

This is why so many restaurants use our amazing pellets. This is part of the secret to why the restaurant BBQ tastes so good. Major chains like Dickey's use the LumberJack brand because it produces consistent results every time. Also, many of the top Mom and Pop restaurants people love and trust use our pellets. In fact, I think we are the hidden secret of many restaurants across the Nation.

This difference is one of the reasons Lumberjack brand grilling pellets are the best on the market.




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