This new blog series will help you become a BBQ Champ

Learn how to become a BBQ Champ for your own backyard or for competitions. This multipart series has been written to help anyone become a BBQ Champion.

Part 1

Are you a BBQ Champion?


The word BBQ Champion is not a name given out lightly. In fact, if you try to claim this title, you should have some type of backup to help ensure that you are, in fact, a person who deserves it. A plaque is often a good way to prove that you are worth the title.

If you are passionate about BBQ, you can learn to become a champion. If you are the type of person that has a passion for cooking pork, beef or even chicken with your homemade BBQ sauce, then it is a good idea to consider taking on the task of learning to become a champion. However, it is important to note that this is not an easy task and it can be one that requires a great deal of time investment, monetary investment and a lot of practice.

The first step in that process is to learn as much as you can about BBQ and about competing in a championship. If you have seen some of the championships displayed on television, do not underestimate the work that goes into the preparation process. It is work. If you are passionate though, and your family loves BBQ, you will not mind doing the work to enter the championship ring.