Add More Smoke, Cold Smoke, or Smoke with Gas Grills, Electric Smokers, Charcoal, a box..


New wedgie deluxe 003-290x232Need more smoke flavor? You can add more smoke with the Smokin Wedgie. Simply add your favorite wood pellets and wedge it neatly into the corner of your grill out of the way. Still plenty of room for grilling.


Don't have a wood pellet grill yet?


No problem you can get real wood smoke flavor with our "Smokin Wedgie" in your gas grill for $20.39 delivered. We carry a complete line of flavored wood pellets so you can get a variety of wood flavors in your gas grill by cold smoking prior to grilling. Wedges neatly in the corner of your grill out of the way of your grilling.

Are you a Retailer?

Contact us for a bulk purchase. What it will do is bring people into your store and you can show them a real Wood Pellet Grill. They can take the "Smokin Wedgie" home with their choice of your pellets and experience real wood smoking. Once they see the effects of real wood smoke, they'll return to buy the real thing.. a wood pellet grill. You win in many ways as it attracts new customers for all of your products. If they don't want a pellet grill (crazy, right?), at least you'll keep selling them pellets.


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The Smokin Wedgie has been found to add great smoke for an extended period in all models of Masterbuilt Electric smokers.

Why a smokin wedgie?

The Smokin Wedgie allows you to add the flavor or smoke you want to any grill. I have used my Smoking Wedgie as a guest cook on family members grills. The added smoke falvor has positioned me as the legendary griller in the family. When I added Duckfat Spray I took the title of best BBQer or griller they all know.



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