Monkey Ass Fire Hot Sauce

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Brand: BBQPelletsOnline

Monkey Ass Hot Sauce

Our hot sauce has a funny name. When made it that way for fun and to get your attention. Once you try it, we are certain you will stay a customer for the taste.

Our Fire Monkey Ass Hot Sauce is a Ghost Sriracha Sauce

Using the Ghost Pepper and Sriracha seasonings we bring out the heat in a way that does not overwhelm. We are not going for a hot sauce here that would only be used in competitions between people. This too is an everyday sauce but one chosen for someone who has a little more tolerance for heat, and a sharper, bolder bite in their sauce.

The heat in this sauce is kept lower because it is cooked longer and has a hint of that slow-cooked smokey flavor, combined with the Sriracha you are going to love. The Ghost Pepper seems like it was added by a mad scientist but as the perfect fit ingredient.

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