Add Items to Ride Along with Your Pallet

Adding items to ride-along with your BBQ Pellet order is easy and saves you money.
Currently, you can add the Smokin Wedgie and/or the BBQ Pellet Handy Camel to the top of any pallet.

The Stainless Steel Smokin' Wedgie ($12.99 on pallet) adds more smoke to existing smokers and can also be used in cold smoking. Find out more information here.

The BBQ Pellet Handy Camel ($8 on pallet) makes it easy to move around and take care of your bags of pellets. Find out more information here.

  • Easier to carry both 20# and 40# bags without tearing.
  • Set at an Angle the handle makes it easy to pour pellets into your grill hopper.
  • Fold over the top and clamp the handle on to seal up your bags between uses.
  • Made of sturdy polypropylene plastic that will hold up, these giant bag clips are rated to carry 40 lbs. Bag storage just became a snap! You can then place the open bag in the jaws of the clip and snap shut! No need to fold down the bag.

 Smokin Wedgie Smoking IMG 20160831 143706