Current Group Buys

BBQ Pellets Online has the following Group Buys (GBs) in Progress.

What is a Group Buy?

A Group Buy (GB) is where we put a few people's smaller orders together so they can get discounts without having to purchase a full-ton. reaches out to our lists of thousands of customers and people interested in Lumber Jack BBQ Pellets. GBs are delivered to a single agreed upon delivery point.

If you are interested in any of these Group Buys (or to start your own), fill out the Group Buy Request form here or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Current Group Buys:

*Fresno, CA: $198.70 Total Picked Up - $15.29/40# bag

*Hayward, CA: $203.70 Total Picked Up - $15.67/40# bag

*Livermore, CA: $213.70 Picked Up - $16.44/40# bag

*Sacramento CA: $198.70 Total Picked Up - $15.28/40# bag 

*Santa Fe Springs, CA: $198.70 Total Picked up - $15.28/40# bag 

*Cheshire, CT: $185.70 Total Picked Up- $14.28/40# bag

*Orlando, FL: $199.70 Total Picked Up - $15.36/40# bag

*Des Moines, IA: $169.70 Total Picked Up - $13.05/40# bag

*Fort Wayne, IN: $169.70 Total Picked Up - $13.05/40# bag

*Minot, ND: $178.70 Total Picked up - $13.75/40# bag 

*Grand Rapids, MI: $172.70 Total Picked Up - $13.28/40# bag

*Bath, PA: $188.70 Total Picked Up - $14.52/40# bag

*Gibsonia, PA: $178.70 Total Picked Up - $13.75/40# bag 

*Camp Hill, PA: $178.70 Total Picked Up - $13.75/40# bag

*Williamsport, PA: $178.70 Total Picked Up - $13.75/40# bag

*Fredericksburg, VA: $183.70 Total Picked up - $14.13/40# bag


What is involved with a Group Buy?

GB Participants purchase a minimum of a quarter-ton of BBQ Pellets (13 40# or 26 20#) bags and everyone picks up their pellets at the same time. If you or any friends are interested, participating, fill out the GB form here

Smokin Wedgie Add-on

For $12.99, we also have the Stainless Steel Smokin' Wedgie to add more smoke to existing smokers and can also be used in cold smoking. It saves on shipping to place it on top of the pallet. Find out more information here.

Wedgie Smokers 8