Date Night Doins Alabama White Sauce

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No barbecue is complete without this tangy concoction that hails from North Alabama. Use it on smoked chicken and pulled pork sandwiches or as an all-purpose table sauce for dipping or dressing a salad. Just add a few wet ingredients and you are ready and raring to barbecue.

Full disclosure I am a N.C. BBQ guy but this makes for a refreshing change of pace and the Date Night Doins Alabama White Sauce gives BBQ suck a unique flavor. I went into my batch the first time by using it on chicken and wow it was great! Do you even make they BBQ chicken that cooks in a pan on your grill or smoker in the BBQ sauce? If so what comes out afterwards with the Date Night Doins Alabama White Sauce is amazing. The family even insists on spooning the sauce from the pan over rice as part of the meal. It is that good folks.

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