5 Best Pellets for Smoking Meat - Which One is The Best?

Your Pellet Smoking Grill needs great wood pellets to smoke and cook your favorite meat. But in 2021, choosing your best smoker pellet is more than just finding a brand you like. The challenge of the supply chain, and shipping interruptions, means that it is now more important than ever to choose a great supplier.

Lumberjack Pellets

The most popular brand of BBQ pellets is Lumberjack. Lumberjack pellets have been a popular brand for decades now. They make their pellets from whole logs that are processed in their factory to make the finest wood smoker pellets you may find anywhere. Since they are sourced from whole logs, they provide consistent smoke and measurable heat.

Lumberjack is also one of the few brands that still offer a good variety of natural wood pellets that use no artificial oils. Some manufacturers use oak pellets then add artificial oils to provide a fake scent or perhaps even the taste of a species of wood. We do not feel these oils create the same taste, or in most cases, even a good taste that resembles the wood variety they are being sold as.

Lumberjack makes their pellets from their own locally grown trees. This level of control of the wood sources assures sustainability, safety, and the very highest quality pellets in the industry.

Camp Chef

Camp Chef is another popular producer of pellets. They ship massive quantities and deal a great deal with major retailers. Their site claims that the pellets are also sourced naturally and then kiln dried. Camp Chef also says they do not use any additives in their pellet building process.

Traeger Pellets

Traeger pellets are made for the large following, and client base of Traeger grills. It is clever marketing from a company that does a great deal with their own brand marketing. Known for their attractive, infomercial style commercials. Some argue that they find their pellets to be less than other major brands. But with great marketing, they remain a popular brand for those who own Traeger grills. The pellets are listed here on this list because of their overall sales.

Cooking Pellets

Another major pellet provider is the brand Cooking Pellets. Their primary offering is a mix of maple, apple, hickory, and cherry. They also do not use any bark in their pellets. It is a pellet design, or manufacturing choice. Cooking Pellets also claim to use no oil or additives in their pellet mix.


The BBQ Pellets Online brand of pellets is custom made as a private label by their trusted manufacture. These limited edition pellets are often made of rare woods that are not available through other major providers. Woods like mesquite, cherry, pecan, and even various competition blends are made to the thrill of their clients. The blends are often made based on the requests of their clients and the availability of those special seasonal woods. Just imagine you had the opportunity to get specialty wood made into BBQ pellets at your request.

Avoid these mistakes

Avoid these mistakes when choosing your best smoker pellets. Do not make the mistake of using heating pellets, which may have additives, or even have been made from used pallets or other waste wood. Using waste wood like used pallets makes sense when you think about pellets used just for heat. That will only release any chemicals or smoke out of a chimney. However, not knowing how those pellets are made, or the source of the wood, you do not want to use them for cooking meat or other food items.

Using low quality pellets will also not allow you to have consistency in your food preperation. The more you cook with BBQ pellets, the more you learn the impact of the variety of wood, control of the smoke they produce, and how your grill will handle the brand of pellet. Some pellets create a ton of ash and that impacts not only the life of your grill, but the quality of the smoke. Since the purpose of a pellet grill over a gas grill is the smoke, you want to invest in great smoker pellets. The different flavors you can create with barbecue meats make it all worthwhile.

Food-grade pellets are essential for food safety and flavor. The types of wood, moisture content, and even the type of food you choose to cook with each wood make a giant difference. If you want the ultimate blend of pellets for your smoker grill, choose a variety pack. You can even purchase a value pack of samples to try various wood pellet varieties yourself. If you want the very best pellet flavor, you need to purchase high quality pellets that have low moisture. These ultimate blend pellets will help you create a beef brisket that your guests say is to die for.

The rich smokey flavor of lumber jack pellets in all their different types will have you happy you have purchased the best wood pellets.

You can look all over town for what is not only on sale, but what might be in stock. The best step is to find a BBQ pellets supplier that will ship your order directly to you. Someone who has a direct connection with the suppliers and can still get your favorite hardwood pellets. Natural hardwood pellets like hickory, oak, and mesquite are harder to find than ever before. Other specialty pellets like apple, cherry, maple, alder, and pecan can still be located if you have the connections to the right suppliers.

BBQPelletsOnline.com is one of the top sellers of the very popular brand of Lumberjack pellets.

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