The Monkey Ass Hot Sauce 3 Pack

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For the ultimate hot sauce 3 pack to enjoy try our new Monkey Ass Hot Sauce. Each sauce takes a traditional hot sauce to a new level. You will love these hot sauces so much you might feel like a Monkey’s Ass for not buying them before. Do not though because you have never seen these before. Not available in stores at any price. These are only available online.

This is a 100% American made brand. From concept to production, even down to the labels. It is all made in the USA. Our brand may lead with a sense of humor, but it brings on the flavor like no other sauce on the market today. From mild to wild we have you covered with this amazing hot sauce 3 pack.

Monkey Ass Hot Sauce

Our hot sauce has a funny name. When made it that way for fun and to get your attention. Once you try it, we are certain you will stay a customer for the taste.

Our first hot sauce is the Louisiana Style Red Hot Sauce. This is a milder hot sauce that is great for everyday use in any number of dishes. It is also good for the family table because it is a milder sauce. With this sauce, it is all about flavor and not about the fire.

The Flaming Monkey Ass is a Red Habanero Hot Sauce.

It has a well-rounded flavor and a slow gathering heat that is perfect for many people who want a little kick, and a lot of flavor. The habanero is farmed naturally and picked at the perfect time. While our recipe is secret, you are going to love the taste. The fresh habaneros are the center point but not the sole ingredient. This gives you a flavor-filled sauce that does not overpower you. No burning all the way down, and watery eyes unless you are pouring it on.

Our Fire Monkey Ass Hot Sauce is a Ghost Sriracha Sauce

Using the Ghost Pepper and Sriracha seasonings we bring out the heat in a way that does not overwhelm. We are not going for a hot sauce here that would only be used in competitions between people. This too is an everyday sauce but one chosen for someone who has a little more tolerance for heat, and a sharper, bolder bite in their sauce.

The heat in this sauce is kept lower because it is cooked longer and has a hint of that slow-cooked smokey flavor, combined with the Sriracha you are going to love. The Ghost Pepper seems like it was added by a mad scientist but as the perfect fit ingredient.

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