Diamond M Hickory Blend Hardwood Grilling Pellets

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Diamond M Hickory Blend pellets are produced in the great state of Iowa. Unlike some other products you may find on the market today, these are genuine USA hickory pellets of the highest quality.

We purchase all of our wood from the source and have it produced into the finest pellets you can buy. It makes us swell with pride to know that the tree farmers, loggers, and processors are all here in the United States. This means when you purchase from BBQ Pellets Online you are buying a product that supports many jobs and great lifestyles right here in the United States.

Why hickory?

The benefits of hickory smoke are that it creates a deep bacon like taste to the meat. It also works well with almost any cut of meat you can imagine. With some fruit woods you may experience that they do not lend themselves to as many meats as hickory. Hickory provides a stronger smoke finish and even a stronger smell when cooking. The finished product however is one that many enjoy.

In addition to the strong bacon like flavor fresh hickory produces a dark color that many prefer when smoking their meat. For some who are new to smoking they prefer the darker smoke quality because the meat looks more like grilled meat that is cooked to medium temperature to the untrained eye. Hickory can be a great choice for new pellet smoke owners who want to convert their families to enjoying smoked meats more and more with every backyard BBQ.

BBQ Pellets Online ships hundreds of thousands of pounds of hickory, oak, cherry, and apple every year to their customers all over North America. It is our honor and privilege to be the pellet supplier that offers the highest quality and best value. We spend many hours a week to save our customers money on shipping their pellets. With over a decade of experience direct shipping pellets, we are the one provided you can trust for all of your BBQ pellet needs. Whether you need 1 bag or 100, you can trust us to get them to your door.

If you have not tried hickory before, capture your bag while we have supplies on hand. This is our busiest time of the year and demand is high. You may also want to search our listings for our variety packs, or sample packs if you want to try hickory and several other blends.

Mission Statement: Providing Premium Grilling Products in a Unique, Eco Friendly and Honorable way, Enhancing every Grilling Experience.

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