Date Night Doins Santa Maria Rub

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Legend has it that the Spanish vaqueros who settled the Santa Maria Valley in Southern California each had their own recipe for a sweet, smokey, and spicy rub to cover meat while cooking over the hot coals of the native coastal live oak. These feast evolved into the Santa Maria-style barbecue that we know today.

Date Night Santa Maria Rub is our version of the blend and can be used all over the kitchen to add flavor to meats and vegetables. Of course to truly experience Santa Maria-style 'cue, just grab a great cut of Tri Tip Beef and get to work. You'll soon be day dreaming of vaqueros, cattle drives, and Old California.

The Date Night Doins Santa Maria Rub is a secret favorite of many. I think it is the spice hit that is with that brown sugar flavor that grabs you.

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