Smokin Wedgie and Sample Packs

Stainless Steel Smokin' Wedgie Products will last a lifetime and need quality pellets to go with it.

Wedgie-only orders are priced lower if shipped with pallets as there are no separate shipping charges.

The Stainless Steel Smokin Wedgie is a lightweight smoker box that will last smoke after smoke. They can be used in any grill to add smoke to your favorite food.

This is the best smokin' basket you can buy. The triangular shape of the Smokin Wedgie allows you to tuck it nicely into the corner of your grill to add more of your favorite smoke to your food. When it's tucked into the corner so it doesn't take up as much space as most smoker baskets.

These Smokin Wedgie also works well for cold smoking and adding smoke to a natural gas or charcoal grill.

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